Calm & Relaxing Environment

Calm & Relaxing Environment

Calm and Relaxing 

We make every effort to create a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere at Dominion Dental Spa.  We are located in a quiet, wooded area of town that helps you put aside the hustle and bustle of the day while you are in our office.

We offer amenities to keep you comfortable during your dental treatment.  We recognize that the dental chair is no one’s favorite place to be.  We work to make each visit as pleasant and timely as possible.

  • Massaging and Heating Dental Chairs – We know the anxieties associate with dental work, and we want the dental chair to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we have invested in the best, most comfortable operatory chairs available.  Our chairs have the options for both massaging and heating.  No more freezing in the cold dental office!
  • Coffee bar– Whether you are early to your appointment or waiting on a family member, our coffee bar ensures that you will have a chance to sit back and relax with a hot drink while you wait.
  • Free WiFi– If you would like to use any free time to work or just browse social media, our free WiFi network will keep you connected.  We love it when our patients check-in on Facebook or tweet a picture from the dental chair!
  • Overhead TVs with Netflix and Bluetooth Personalized Headsets – Some dental procedures can be lengthy. One way we help our patients endure long visits without getting bored is through our mounted televisions.  Even though you need to lay still, your mind will be engaged by your favorite Netflix series that you can watch overhead.  Don’t worry!  Our dentists will not be distracted because you will listen via Bluetooth headphones or your own headsets if you prefer.
  • Neck pillows– Our dental chairs are as comfortable as can be.  We recognize that some patients need a little extra support for chronic neck pain or a recent injury.  For added comfort, a neck pillow can keep your neck warm and relaxed.
  • Heated warm towels – In keeping with our name, we want you to feel like you are in a spa atmosphere. Heated towels can warm, soothe, and comfort you as you have your dental work performed.

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